The Best Rooftop View of Paris

I found the best rooftop view of Paris at the top of the Galeries de Lafayette. This truly is the best view of Paris. The greatest part of this excursion is that it’s free! One of my hostel mates recommended the Galeries de Lafayette. I took the metro to the Opera station and came out right in front of the Opera building also known as the Palais Garnier. I snapped a few pictures of the building because it’s incredible and then walked to the back of the building. The Galeries de Lafayette is right behind the Opera building. 

Front of the Palais Garnier

There is one main entrance when you arrive at the Galeries de Lafayette. Everyone is shuffled into the main entrance behind the Opera building, and you’ll see a set of escalators on the right. There are elevators and stairs to the terrace, but the escalator was easier and less of a wait. 

I took the escalators to the terrace view, which is 7 floors up. There are signs that tell you when you’re close to the terrace. You get a gorgeous view of all of Paris. I spent probably an hour up there admiring the view. On the way down, take the escalator just one floor down, and you’ll find a variety of gift shops and cafes. There’s a free bathroom on this level too, which was hard for me to find in Paris. The Galeries de Lafayette terrace view is the absolute best rooftop view of Paris!

Palais Garnier

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