Copenhagen Airport Layover Tips

On my way to Paris I had a 6 hour layover in Copenhagen, which was just enough time to head into the city. I listed a few tips below to help with the logistics of going through customs, finding the luggage lockers, and taking the metro into the city.

Copenhagen Customs

I landed at Copenhagen Airport Terminal 3 and quickly went through customs. If you land at Terminal 3 do not go through the far right customs lane. This lane defers to flight attendants and pilots first, so I waited a few minutes while the crew went through this customs lane before I opted for a different lane. It still only took me 10 minutes or so to go through customs. I recommend avoiding the far right customs lane because you’ll be waiting longer than the other lines simply because that lane allows flight crew through first.

P4 luggage lockers are right behind the tan and white arrow wall.
Luggage Lockers
Pay Station for the luggage lockers.
Luggage Lockers
Luggage Lockers

After customs I went to find the luggage lockers. The luggage lockers are located in parking garage P4, which is across the street from Terminal 1. I walked down to Terminal 1 and saw the P4 sign. When you cross the street for P4 you’ll see a wall with giant white and tan arrows (pictured above). The lockers are immediately behind that wall. Follow the instructions on the screen and you’ll pay with either a Mastercard or Visa. Keep the receipt because it has the code you’ll need when you return to get your luggage. 

Hallway headed towards P4
DSB ticket counter
Finding the Metro

After dropping off my luggage I walked to Terminal 2 and followed the signs for the metro. As you walk towards the metro, you’ll see a large, red section for DSB train tickets on the right (pictured above). I skipped this and continued towards the metro because you can get metro tickets right before you hop on the metro. The airport metro station is the last station on that line. You can hop on either side, and the metro will take you to the city center. I recommend getting off at either Kongens Nytorv or Nørreport Station. Kongens Nytorv is a public square in Copenhagen, Denmark, centrally located at the end of the pedestrian street Strøget. Nørreport Station is located in the district of Indre By, and is named after the historic Nørreport city gate, near the original location. 

Copenhagen Airport Metro Station
Copenhagen Airport Metro Station

I hope these tips help you navigate the Copenhagen Airport on a layover. If you have time it’s definitely worth going into the city center!

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