Navigating Madrid Barajas

I’ve flown Iberia into Madrid Barajas Airport several times, mostly with layovers before flying to other countries in Europe. Madrid Barajas is one of the more complicated airports I’ve flown into especially when transferring. 

Coming from the United States you’ll land at Terminal 4S and need to make your way to Terminal 4 if you’re transferring. After landing everyone will be funneled towards passport control. I’ve had to immediately go through passport control when landing at any European country from the United States. Madrid Barajas was no different. 

Right before passport control you’ll see a departure screen listing all upcoming flights. You’ll know what letter (H, K, L, etc.) within Terminal 4 you’ll have to find.  

You’ll see two lines for passport control. The first is for European Union (EU) citizens, and the second is for those holding United States passports. The United States passport line is a bit hidden. The EU line is immediately on your right hand side. If you have a United States passport, you’ll keep walking towards what looks like a dead end. Then you’ll see an opening on the right to enter passport control. 

After going through passport control if you’re staying in Madrid you’ll leave and get your baggage. If you’re continuing to another flight, you’ll take the elevator or escalator to the bottom floor. From there you’ll catch the tram going to Terminal 4. Terminal 4 has all the connecting flights within Europe. The tram takes 4 minutes to get to Terminal 4. From there you’ll go up two flights of escalators and go through security. You won’t be able to bring any water bottles or drinks from your last flight, so be sure to finish them before you go through security. As soon as you’re through security you’re good to go. Happy Traveling!

Sunrise over Madrid

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