The Three Best Restaurants in Munich

My first favorite restaurant in Munich is California Bean. This is a great breakfast spot. I happened upon it when I was looking for a different restaurant. California Bean has an allergen friendly menu. The main menu also notes if certain items has preservatives, dyes, sulphates, etc. I noticed that at several restaurants, which is a great practice. 

California Bean
California Bean additive list
Breakfast including a gluten free baguette
Honey Macchiato

I had a honey macchiato and a classic breakfast of eggs, bacon, and a warm gluten free baguette. California Bean had plenty of gluten free options. I’m so glad I happened upon this restaurant because it was a tasty, allergen-friendly option for me!

The next restaurant I recommend is Bohne & Malz am Stachus. Bohne & Malz is in the Old Town area of Munich. They’re open all day and don’t close between lunch and dinner. I greatly appreciate this because I was hungry for dinner at 4pm; thank you jet lag! Like California Bean, the Bohne & Malz menu listed allergens and other additives. The menu had English and scientific names of the allergens like “corylus avellana” for hazelnut. I enjoyed the Viennese Schnitzel with cranberries, a side salad, and fries. My meal was mouthwatering and absolutely delicious. I highly recommend Bohne & Malz!

Bohne & Malz list of additives and allergens
Viennese Schnitzel

Schiller Brau Schnitzel

Finally, I loved Schiller Brau for dinner. Their website states that patrons can sit by copper brewing kettles in rustic atmosphere and enjoy our home-brewed and enjoy unfiltered beer specialties and traditional favorite dishes inspired by grandma’s kitchen. The ambiance was “gesellig,” a German term for cozy. This was my first time having schnitzel, and I loved it. The pork schnitzel cut like butter and was so tender. The fries were crisp and perfectly salted. This is a must-visit restaurant if you’re in Munich. Make sure you make a reservation. I showed up right at 6pm and found a seat at the bar. Others showing up just a few minutes after me couldn’t even get a seat at the bar.

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